Squares, squares and more squares

I sent off Vicki’s (mythunderbird) squares this morning. One was WAAAAAAAAAAY bigger than the others and I’ve told Vicki to feel free not to use it and regift it if necessary. She’s up to nearly 40 so my eight should boost that quite a bit.

Here they are

That pesky one on the bottom left came out bigger. It frustrated me a great deal because, well, look at it!

Now, in this pic that summer sunshine square I found through CPC is my absolute favorite to make and it’s sooooooo cheery. The square with the interlocking rings was tough for me to get and I frogged it THREE times before I got it right, but I finally did, just like the ladies at the ‘ville said I would.

Still working on that breast cancer ribbon afghan. If I didn’t discover a mistake in one of my squares I would only have three more to make but I had to frog a square last night and start it over from the fourth round (but I got so tired I didn’t finish it). I can’t wait ’til that’s done because I”m SUPER anxious to start on the daffodil afghan and I just can’t have more than one project going at once (except charity squares).


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