Been quiet

I haven’t posted much because I don’t really have much to post. I’m plugging away at that daffodil afghan, and it’s coming along. It’s getting warm, which is usually when I don’t want to crochet anymore, but I have too.

I have had one friend ask (in the previous post’s comments) to make her a tote like the one in that post and I’m gonna. I have another one of those to make for someone else. I have a TON of projects on my mind that I want to do and if I don’t stop planning ahead and focus on my current projects, I’m gonna go insane (but what a way to go).

So my goals are to get the daffodil ghan done by the first of June (fingers crossed because it has to be done by the second weekend in June). Do the two market totes, which really are pretty simple, portable projects. Once those are complete, I can start thinking of the other projects I want to work on.

No pictures this post, nothing to show.


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