Housewarming gifts

I don’t know if you can consider it a gift, but my friend, The Hostess , wanted a market tote. So, a while back we took a lunch and went to Joann’s to buy the cotton. While there, and knowing she was moving into her first bought home, I picked up on her color interests and bought a few balls.

Then, I made her this

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The tote was from yarn she bought and I used some of the leftover green to contribute to the dishcloths. (Not pictured here is a bath pouf I made her.) Then, I threw together some wine glass charms and other stuff and called it a housewarming gift. I presented it to her today at work and she seemed thrilled. Being a knitter, she has an appreciation for handmade things. I just hope she USES the dishcloths.

I have another friend who’s moving into her first purchased home and I had already planned to gift her a market tote, so I just added dishcloths and a bath pouf to the mix, along with the wine glass charms and some other things and here that is.

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She’ll be getting those at work on Wednesday. I know the colors seem really weird and random, but I was at a loss for what colors to make her. She’s a gracious friend and I’m sure she’ll appreciate them regardless of color AND, if she wants, I can do stuff more to her color liking.

And for those of you who enjoy a good laugh. Whilst making the dishcloths I came across this great pattern on the net for a fan dishcloth. Things didn’t work out so well, however as this is what it turned into

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So, I just kept it for myself and it’s now a half-circle doily.

I have some other things I’m working on but nothing I’m really excited about.

Check out the traveling hook link to the left, that’ll be one of my upcoming projects.


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