Not crochet related

I’ve found a new love. SEWING. I haven’t touched the pedal of a sewing machine since Jr. High Home Ec, when I made a sweathshirt.

However, I have a dear friend who has small children at home, as well as an upcoming birthday party with a horses/cowboy theme. There was a need for vests. Why go Goodwilling when JOYCE will volunteer to sew the vests? How hard can it be? We found a pattern, bought fleece remnants and I was absolutely stumped when I opened the pattern and the fleece.

Thank GOD for my sister who sews more than me. I called her and we made a plan. I spent the last four days (Sat. through Tues.) back home and I took the fleece, the pattern and the sewing machine (a “gift” if you will from a friend with a desire to have something sewn…long story).

Anyway, we made the vests, eight of them, with six fleece remnants, in a few hours. I LOVED it and I fell in love with the sewing machine. So I bought a carrying case for it (wonderful deal) and a computer desk to put it on and I turned my dining room into my office/craft room. Here are the pics



Now I can sew and/or crochet. Now to learn knitting.


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