New stuff

Been a while. I’d like to point out to you, my loyal visitor, that I’ve added a button on the left column for the Traveling Hook III. We are having so much fun with the Traveling Hook II (see blog button) that we started a new one. This time it’s to raise awareness of Friedreich’s Ataxia. Once again the beloved Jimbo has made a hook and it’s gonna be traveling to folks to make squares. We’re doing it a bit different this time, but it’s with the same dedication.

In other news the Spring Secret Pal Swap is in full swing over at the ‘ville. I don’t know who my UKSP is, but she’s a doll. She keeps in constant contact and she’s already sent me a great package.
Spring Secret Pal puffy

She wants to know whether I would prefer receiving small packages throughout the swap (it ends in early April) or one big package at the end and I really just don’t know. I’m sure whatever she decides to do it’ll be great.

In turn, I have a pal (and she doesn’t know who I am so I have to keep it quiet for now) but man, I can’t wait to be able to reveal how I’m spoiling her because that’s the great fun in all this.

In the meantime, now that I’ve worked fast and furious to get things done for the swap, I’ve started a new afghan for a friend’s sister who is due in May. It’s one I’ve been dying to make and I can’t wait to see it finished.


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