Lots to blog

I have a ton to blog so here it goes. (this one is image heavy and photobucket is giving me fits on sizing, so, sorry)

First off the secret pal swap at the ‘ ville was a BLAST. I got to spoil the most wonderful woman from Wisconsin. Here’s a sampling of the stuff I sent her.

My new friend Kelly was pleased with her packages and she, too, spoiled another ‘viller. I must say, I’m most proud of the fact that I, for the first time, crocheted with thread and made Kelly a doily AND a bookmark, it was GREAT! (photo credit goes to Kelly, I lifted the images she posted at the ‘ville and told her I was doing it)

I in turn was spoiled by a new friend in Pennsylvania. Virginia sent me my first package early on and it was movie themed, with one of my fave movies in it. She then blew me away with a fantastic reveal package that included, among tons of things, a beautiful seraphina shawl and tons of yarn, including a teal silk/viscose I’m looking for a pattern for. Here are some of those pics

Spring Secret Pal puffy
My reveal packageThe yarnPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketThe yummy extras

I won’t be doing the secret pal swap again any time real soon (maybe in the fall, because it truly was alot of fun.)

I have lots of other projects I have to get done. The first of those was the Annie’s Attic Baby Rings Mile-a-Minute afghan. The baby was due in May but mom’s in early labor so the baby will likely be early. The couple chose not to find out gender, so I went with brights because I so am not thrilled with pastels. The blanket was finished this weekend. I am thrilled with it as I’ve been wanting to make it since I saw it on a baby carrier a couple Christmases ago.

Edited to note: I’m not thrilled with pastels for babies. I love ALL colors


2 thoughts on “Lots to blog

  1. the baby blanket looks AMAZING joyce. im glad you liked everything. i had finished shopping for you when i saw that silk. it SPOKE to me. lol… it said “joyce NEEDS me” talk to you soon!

  2. I made a baby rings blanket years ago, and gave it away. I went for the traditional pastel colors. I LOVE your color scheme! I’m making another one currently, as I’m 9 weeks pregnant. Yay!

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