I have finished the Army graph afghan. Completely finished it. All panels attached, border done. Here’s a pic and below is a slideshow of the progress of this one



4 thoughts on “IT’S DONE

  1. I’m an Active Duty Soldier in the U.S. Army, currently deployed to Iraq. I’m also a crocheter – I’ve got my hooks and yarn over here with me. I LOVE this afghan!! Where did you get the pattern from?


  2. I also love this afghan. My son is in Iraq right now, and only has 3 years to go to get to 20 years in. I would really like to make something like this for him to commemorate his career, so could you let me know where you got the pattern, too?

  3. Hi All. I’m overwhelmed by the response to this afghan (both here and in private messages and emails). So much feedback and questions, that I wrote another post about it. Please check it out, I’m afraid it’s about the best I can do in directing you on how to make one.

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