Crochet games

We can’t use the “O” word, but on 08/08/08 in China, the fire will be lit and the summer games will start and, over at Crochetville, we will have our own games for those 16 days (see button at left). Folks are picking their projects or planning them and we have 16 days to compete (er, complete) said projects. I’ve joined two teams. First up I’ll be making squares for Friedreich’s Ataxia research. This is similar to the Traveling Hook II Hooking for a Cure challenge I participated in a couple months ago. There is a hook traveling, but in addition to that, we’re making additional squares to give afghans to kids suffering from the disease and items to auction off to raise funds.

I’m sure you all have heard me rave about it before, but it’s all because of Jimbo. He’s still making hooks out of bamboo chopsticks (chophooks) to raise money too. Check it out if you get a chance, well, those of you who crochet and visit here.

The second half of the challenge, I’ll be trying to help out Sissie (my kitchen swap partner). She’s trying to get together enough squares (or whole lapghans) for 100 seniors at a senior center where she lives. I’m hoping to do a full lapghan and some squares for her.

Wish me luck


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