Another swap

I participated in another swap at the ‘ville. This time it was a kit and kaboodle swap. I bought a kit, including pattern, yarn and other necessities (plus some extras) for a partner, and she did the same for me.

I was paired up with none other than Angelfire, leader of the Traveling Hook projects (II and III, see buttons at left).

Here’s what I got her

Included in there was enough yarn to make two of the patterns (including a basket), some additional cotton, a yarn dying kit I bought at the Fiber Arts Festival, candy (of course), hooks, a tote bag, oh, a bunch of stuff. (There’s still one item I’m waiting on that I ordered but it didn’t arrive in time.) Angelfire’s a special person to me, taking on the Traveling Hook projects and it was such a joy to spoil her.

I loved the pattern book so much, that I bought one for myself. I have to say, she outdid herself for me. I have been trying to find the perfect felted bag pattern, with not much luck, and she found it for me (actually, three). And, she sent it in the cutest kaboodle anyone could imagine (I went for a boring old tote bag when I sent hers). Here’s the pic of what she sent me (unopened and opened)

In the suitcase was enough turquoise wool to make any of the three bag patterns she sent and the necessities for a purse, as well as detergent, a pillow case (to felt in), candy, scissors, a tape measure, just all sorts of stuff only a crochetier could love — including the handmade stitchmarkers in their own crocheted case!

This was a fun swap, quick, but fun. I hope to do another, but don’t know when. I really need to knock off some of my own projects for family/friends first.

Among those projects are two I’ll be posting soon. Now that the afterglow of the Army graphghan is gone, I must present you all with something else to oooo and aaaahhh over.

Coming soon, I hope.


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