As promised

I told you in one of my lasts posts that I’d have some works to post soon and now I do. The first one, let me say this about: A couple weekends ago I was at my best buddy’s working on a Round Ripple for a woman at work who will have her first child at the end of this month. I liked the yarn I’d picked, I really did and so did my friend. It was Red Heart Amazon and I’d picked out a couple browns to go with it. My friend said, “I really like green and brown together…..but I don’t know if I’d pick it for a baby.” And, you know, she was right. I finished it and the more I looked at it over the week, the less I liked it FOR A BABY. I stopped by Michaels and they had a fresh, new display of Vanna’s Choice yarn — including baby colors— AND they had the greens I was looking for when I settled on the Amazon. I couldn’t resist. I bought three shades and here’s the result.


I’m so glad I could acknowledge I wasn’t in love with the other for a baby and found these colors instead. Thanks Marty. The pattern for this 9-pointed, solid center RR is here.

Now, the other one is for another woman at work, who’ll deliver her first baby later this summer. When I took the Army graphghan to work to show off, she said “I’ll take one in turquoise and browns.” I’d already started it (I knew what she’d bought for the nursery and waited until they found out they were having a boy) and I was happy to hear her say she’d want one. This is another round ripple (super simple) but a different one (it has more points).


This pattern is from Aggie May over at the ‘ville, but there are lots of other RR patterns out there including this one.

I chose round ripples because 1) I’ve been wanting to do one and 2) it became clear to me that they work up quick but are still pretty and works of love.

Never fear, the Amazon and brown round ripple won’t go to waste. I’m in the process of making it a bit larger and it will go to my kitchen swap partner, Sissie, who’s trying to get together 100 lapghans by Christmas for a senior citizen home where she lives. Pics of that when it’s done.


3 thoughts on “As promised

  1. I love these they are so pretty!! I would never had thought to use green for a baby but I might now:)
    Have you thought about making a 12 point one for Tammy’s christmas Charity?


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