A design of my own, sort of

I had to post this because I’m kinda proud of it. A woman at C’ville posted about some troubles her three young sons are having. Each of them is going through stuff that no little guy should have to, and to comfort them she wants to make each an afghan of their own. To do this, she needs 60 squares, so I promised her two for each boy. I did coordinating squares, one solid, one with an applique or something crocheted in it. The first one was the star square I’ve done before; the second the sunshine square I’ve done before. What to do with the third one?

Well, I got an idea and gave it a shot. It has a baseball in the center. Now, my embroidery skills suck right now, but if I do this again, it’ll be practice. So, here’s the square I designed with the coordinating variegated square.


In order to do this, I single-crocheted in the round (like for the sunshine) until I had 42 stitches, then I “embroidered” the stitching on. Then, with the blue, I crocheted the exact same sized circle and then single crocheted the circles together. Then, I followed Chris Simon’s instructions for the star overlay square from round six to turn it into a square. From there, I did a couple rows of v-stitches and a row or two of double crochets with the final round being half-double crochet.

Here are the other two:



All six squares are in the dryer and I’m awaiting her address to mail them off.


One thought on “A design of my own, sort of

  1. They are awesome squares! I know I said this over at c’ville. But I totally love them! The baseball one will go on my 9 years old blanket. He secretly likes baseball.

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