About the Army graphghan

I have been just a bit surprised, and pleased, by the response I’ve received to the Army afghan. There have been enough requests for a pattern that I thought I’d do a separate post on that topic.

First off, I don’t have a pattern – in the true sense of the word – to provide. Here’s what I did: 
I searched until I found an image that I could download to my computer and then upload to a graphing program online called KnitPro. Then it was just a matter of single crocheting, changing colors (reading the graph from left to right, then right to left). I knew what to look for because the young man, a recent Army recruit, pointed to his Army backpack with the star logo and said, “I want that” while we were talking about a new afghan for him (I made him and each of his siblings an afghan a few years ago).

Because the graph didn’t come out large enough to be anything more than a wall-hanging or a rug, I found a pattern at Crochet Pattern Central for a square that I thought would fit the Army theme. I settled on this six-inch square pattern and just did a few extra rounds using my chophook from Jimbo. I already knew I’d use a smaller version of the Star Overlay pattern by Chris Simon. I’ve used it before and I LOVE her patterns.

Once I settled on the squares, I made the side panels first, and single crocheted them (with right sides facing, so the bumpy edge is on the back) to the graph. Then I made the top and bottom panels and, again, single crocheted them. Before crocheting the panels to the graph, I double crocheted around each to make sure I had straight edges to work with. Once the panels were attached, I bordered the ghan, first with a round of double crochet, then using front post double crochets every four stitches. The final piece of the border is reverse single crochet in the yellow because I thought it gave it a rope look.

I’m sorry I can’t provide any better of a pattern, but it’s really a do-it-yourself, learn-as-you-go- along, sort of project and this was my first time tackling graphing.

If any of you do this afghan, please make sure to check back in and point me in the direction of photos of it so I can see your work.

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