No new works yet

It’s been a couple weeks since my last post, so I felt the need to post something. I have no pictures because I have no completed projects, so this is just an update to let you, my loyal reader, know that I am working on some things and hope to have something to post if not this weekend, then by July 4th weekend.

Here’s what I’m working on
1) a leaf afghan
2) a 12-point RR for Tam. She’s making 12 point RRs for kids with nephrotic syndrome and needs 21 by Christmas so I promised her one and I have the PERFECT colors picked out
3) the ducky cuddle from Happy Yellow House
4) scarf/cap sets for Jimbo to take to an auction for FA fundraising in October
5) some requested squares at c’ville
6) a surprise for someone
7) Christmas stockings for my two wonderful great nephews

That’s a heckuva list and I know that’s not all, but you’ll see pics as I get stuff done.

Oh, I was a rescue angel for the Kit and Kaboodle swap and I’m anxiously waiting to hear from my rescuee to see if she liked her package.


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