What became of a Round Ripple and odds and ends

I am so excited to post this.

One of the women I gave a round ripple baby blanket to has found a unique, and perfectly functional, use for it. She hasn’t had her baby yet and she is getting the nursery ready. I guess while wondering what to put on the round decorator table she’d bought for next to the rocker, she realized the blanket I had made would be a perfect match. I think it is great that she has decided to use a handmade gift I gave her as decoration for her baby boy.

Here’s the pic:


In other baby blanket news, the mommy recipient of the baby rings afghan was very pleased with it, which you know made me happy.

I am nearing completion on the leaf afghan that I have to have done by July 11. Here’s a tease of that.


In the meantime I’ve been contemplating the Haekelbeutel (German for crochet bag) that I discovered at Ravelry, but I want to make it as a purse which means…LINING. My sewing skills are not that great and the construction of this bag is unique. I’ve been making myself insane trying to figure out how to get it done right.

Tonight, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to figure it out. So, I went to the store and bought a remnant. I then came home and began cutting and pinning and sewing. The end result is what I would have to say is a pretty good rough draft of how the lining for this bag should look. My sis needs to know she’s in for a real project when I visit with her next. Here’s a pic of the test lining.



One thought on “What became of a Round Ripple and odds and ends

  1. Joyce – Wow, what a clever idea for a RR. I never would have thought of that, lol! And that rings blanket is amazing!! SO MUCH WORK!!!
    Hugs, Cherri

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