Done and Done

The leaf afghan is finally finished. Couldn’t get a decent photo of it but this is close. The leaves are “fringe” around the afghan.


Then, there’s the Haekelbeutel (crochet bag) I wrote about in my last post. It took me a day and a half and it’s done (sewing included). Here are some pics




Did it come out perfect? No, not by a long shot. The way I laid out the squares made them not come out the way I wanted them to. Also, the lining, which I so carefully put together, ended up not going up the four corners. I’m not thrilled with the handles, but don’t know how I’d improve them (probably the way they’re attached).

Anyway, despite all I’m not happy with about the bag, I’m happy with the bag. It’s already filled up and ready to be used as my everyday purse (at least for the summer, will have to find colors to make a fall/winter bag).


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