New button, new layout

I’ve rearranged the buttons on my blog so they aren’t so spread out, but I’m not sure I like how they’re now placed. I’ll give this a go for a bit and see what I think.

In the meantime, I want to direct your attention (particularly if you live in northeast Indiana or northwest Ohio) to my latest, newest button for a new (for six months) local yarn store that opened here. Sarah Jane’s owner put a call out on Ravelry for members to link to them to move them up on the search engines. So, I’m gonna link to the shop in this post but, if the owner doesn’t mind me using her logo as a button, I’m going to keep the button over there.

I really have nothing to report. I’m not in a lull but I’m working a different shift from my normal one this week and I’m not getting much crocheting done. I’ve started another Haekelbeutel in more neutral colors (four squares down) and this time I’m doing it with 12 squares instead of 16. I have the perfect fabric remnant for a neutral-toned purse.

Last night when I got home from work, I used some hot pink nylon cord (origin unknown) to make a cell phone cozy to go with the bright Haekelbeutel I finished over the weekend. Here’s a couple pictures of that.

(Yeah, I finally figured out how to make my pics clickable so they’re little here and larger when you click on them. I don’t know, right now, if I have the energy to go through and do that with the recent pics I posted, but you never know)

After this work week, I go on vacation and I really hope to get a 12-point RR done, or at least started, for Tam. I am doing it in the colors of watermelon. After that, I have to start on the ducky cuddle and some other projects I want to do, including a felted version of the Haekelbeutel in denim blue colors.


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