I should be in bed but…

I’m too excited.

It took me two evenings, but I managed to finish (with some main color yarn to spare) the crocheting of one of two Christmas stockings I have to do for my great nephews for Christmas. I was starting to panic they wouldn’t be done, but now that I know it only takes two evenings to do the crocheting (assembly still required), I am no longer in a panic. Now that I have one done, I know it can wait until a couple of other projects are done before I finish these, and let’s not forget the Games are coming up at the ‘Ville and I’ve committed to making some stuff for Jimbo and for Sissie for the seniors in the nursing home. And, let’s not even talk about the two baby blankets I have to finish.

Anyway, I should be in bed, but couldn’t resist posting this pic (hoping my sister sees it). I’m so happy this was easier than I feared it would be. This was definitely one of the more challenging patterns I’ve tackled.

This stocking is made with Red Heart Holiday yarn in the Victorian colorway. The main body is a burgundy/green/gold and the heel and toe are done in green/gold. The cuff is aran/gold.

I have similar colors for the other stocking but I think I’m going to switch it up and do the body in green/gold and the heel/toe in the burgundy/green/gold. That way, I won’t have to tackle embroidering them to make them “different.” I’m afraid my embroidery skills are seriously lacking and I don’t want to buy felt letters to glue onto the stockings. If my sister still wants to do something to get the boys’ names on them, we’ll figure it out.


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