Unsquared baby

I finished, some time last week (maybe Monday) the Unsquared Baby throw and in that time I’ve also done a hat and booties. My friend who’s throwing the shower doesn’t know about the booties and hat (displayed on a red wine goblet) but I suspect she will now. That’s OK, I have a couple other surprises

Meanwhile, the crochet games have started over at the ‘ville and I’ve started my charity projects for that. So far, since the start of the official summer games in China, I have completed one scarf and nearly a hat and I’ve started on a crochet quilt. Pics when I have ’em.

Updated: Here’s one pic. It’s a men’s hat and scarf set (the styro head is smaller than a man’s LOL)


3 thoughts on “Unsquared baby

  1. That’s awesome! I just downloaded that pattern last week, with the thought of making one for my upcoming baby-to-be. I have to say, I really enjoy your color scheme much better than the one the pattern was shown in. I’d love to do one in soft browns and blues….thanks for posting such a terrific example!

  2. Oh, the blues/browns will be great together. If you look further back, there’s a baby RR in those colors and they’re PERFECT. Best wishes

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