It’s a secret

I know that I’ve neglected the blog for longer than I had been. But lately, I’ve been working on projects for the Autumn Secret Pals swap over at the ‘ville. Because it’s secret pals, I cannot say much about what I’m making, but I can tell you that my pal is awesome. She’s been sending me ecards with all sorts of questions and she’s already sent me an Amazon gift card, which has been spent on two new books; a beautiful bookmark crocheted with red thread AND she told me in an email over the weekend that I can be looking for another package.

All of my auction items have been shipped to Jimbo for the October FARA auction Up, Up and Away with FA”.

Speaking of which, that link will take you to the blog for the auction and I’ve also added the blog to my blog list at the right of the page (scroll down to the blog list). Don’t forget to order your chophooks, if you’re so inclined. I really do love mine and probably will wear it out and need a new one.

Sissie received the lapghan I made during the Crochet Games. She currently has 63 lapghans (out of 100) posted to her site and has 12 more to get photograph and posted soon. I sure hope she meets her goal.

That’s all for now. No pictures to share this post, but I promise I’ll have some some day soon.


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