Christmas stockings

I know I should be posting the loot from the secret pal swap, but I just don’t have the energy to try and remember all the great stuff my pal CLULESS at the ‘ville sent to me. I will say this, she was a fabulous pal, she spoiled me a ton and I enjoyed every minute and am grateful to have had her as a partner this last round. In fact, I’ve had great swap partners each swap I’ve participated in.

Now, onto the reason for this post. I finally finished the second Christmas stocking for my nephews.

I think it’s interesting to look at them side by side because I made them both, yet they look slightly different. I’m sure that’s all tension, which hook I used, etc., just interesting to me to see them side by side.


One thought on “Christmas stockings

  1. they are great looking! I have tried that pattern but with 3 kids running around trying to kill each other it’s a bit hard to follow. I am doing 3 stockings but I only have 1 done so far. As long as they are done by Christmas eve I say.

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