Pink fuzzy slippers

I’ve been encouraged to post this update, so here it goes. For those of you out there who think I don’t do pink fuzzy slippers, you’re wrong. And, here’s proof.

A bit of background: My closest friend has an 8-year-old who put bunny slippers on her Christmas list. Having struck out looking for them, I said, “I can make ’em.” Of course, I said it not knowing whether I truly could do it. So, I found several patterns, modified the slipper pattern slightly and a bunny pattern and this is the end result.

As with anything I make, they aren’t perfect, but they’re cute and I think they’ll be loved. I’m banking on the older girl wanting a similar pair after Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Pink fuzzy slippers

  1. I aqm lucky to be the closest friend… I Love them and Maria will be crazy about them… but … better warm up the ole’hook… I feer Roase will be asking for Froggy slippers!

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