I’ve been up to a lot lately. I got into beading and making jewelry on a majorly small scale and will take and post pics at a later time.

In the meantime, I wanted to post an update about a previous project. If you read back during the summer games, you’ll remember that I participated in the Ancient Greek Games over at Crochetville and finished my projects. One of those projects was for Sissie’s seniors.

The party for that was on Dec. 19 and our beloved Sissie took pictures and posted them to her blog.

Included was a picture of the woman who received the windwalker lapghan I made.

It is nice to see something I made bring a smile to someone’s face, no matter who that is, but this is special to me.

Here is the picture. It made me smile and I wanted to share with you.


One thought on “Update

  1. I was a blessed lady to have you help with the project! with out you and other like you I could never have done this:)
    It is always a joy to make someone day. I wish you could have been there to see it:)
    Thank you dear for being my friend


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