It’s a quilt

Well, whatever else can be said about it, it IS a quilt. It’s my first quilt and it has PLENTY of flaws. The squares don’t line up in places and my quilting stitches aren’t the straightest of lines and the binding, oh dear, don’t get me started on the binding.

Overall, a pleasant experience this quilting. I was terrified, which is why I waited so long to start on this, that quilting would confound me so badly it would put me in ill-temper. Quite the opposite actually happened. I found it relaxing to cut out and sew together the parts. Still more relaxing to quilt it. The binding did give me a run for my money and I had to seriously compromise what it was supposed to look like with what it does look like. Quilters would surely have to smirk whilst inspecting this piece of work, but that’s OK, maybe someday I’ll be able to smirk at a beginner’s work and tell them about my first time.


Whatever can be said about it, it is my FIRST quilt. But, more importantly, it will be Mason’s first homemade quilt (at least from me) and I’m hoping it’ll be special despite all it’s flaws.


6 thoughts on “It’s a quilt

  1. Joyce, it’s beautiful! I made a quilt once. It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done!!! LOLLL! I’m so glad you find it relaxing. It really is wonderful!
    Hugs, Cherri

  2. I think it is beautiful, not in spite of it’s flaws, but because of it’s flaws. that just proves that you did it from your heart even being new to it. Way to go and maybe one day I will be brave enough to use the material I bought years ago for my first quilt.

  3. Shana, thanks for visiting and commenting. I love hearing that it’ll be loved and because it’s for my Indiana family, I’m confident it will be.

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