Dichroic pendant

So, I took this dichroic jewelry making class at GlassLink, a local glass art studio.

It was a fabulous experience. The owner of the shop, and our instructor, is a scientist by training and she really knows her stuff. After talking for about a half-hour about the process, we got to learn to cut glass and put pieces together to make whatever we wanted, within the size constraints set by the price of the class.

I had had a very stressful weekend, and a more stressful Monday (the day of the class) so I wasn’t feeling too creative. In fact, I had contemplated skipping the class even though I’d already paid for it.

I was talked out of that, but the stress and lack of sleep I’d been suffering caught up with me. Because I wasn’t feeling creative, I went super simple. Meaning, I cut one piece of glass and slapped it on another piece.

Let me explain, you don’t make dichroic glass. It is already made when a company that makes it puts it in a machine and blasts it with a thin layer of atoms. The glass comes in different colors, patterns and textures. The the unfired color can change by as much as two colors on the color wheel when fired. One thing is for sure, when it is fired in the kiln, the color becomes very vibrant.

So, with very little effort, I have a beautiful pendant suitable for dress up or dress down. (Forgive me the quality of the picture, it was taken with my cell phone.)



2 thoughts on “Dichroic pendant

  1. Joyce I have wanted to make some Dichroic jewelry for a long time. When I worked at the Art & Craft distributor I kept asking for this to be a "lunch & learn: they always turned it down due to the price of the materials.
    I wish I could have taken a class with you. Looks like you have a new hobby making jewelry! Good job!

  2. Hey Kelly! Yeah, I loved taking that class. I'm sorry you didn't get the opportunity when you were doing Arts & Crafts distribution. The materials can be pricey, but the great thing about our class was that we got to play in other people's scraps, so it wasn't as expensive for the business. My friend and I are going to go get studio time some time soon. We figure we can split lots of the costs and still make a decent amount. I am loving the jewelry making. I've taken up sewing and some digital scrapping too. Stay tuned to more posts from me. I just completed two sewn bags that i love.

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