Jewelry goodness

I am on vacation from my real job and have been working on my dream job work 😀

So far this week I have made two hats, three bracelets, two necklaces and bought enough stuff to actually start a business. Here are some photos.

The first two pictures are what I bought at Pat Catans, a regional craft supply store. The goods in the back of the SUV came as part of a “fill-a-bag” for $10 sale that I actually stumbled upon. I did the math, and that’s about $200+ worth of stuff that I paid $10 for, OH YEAH!

The next two pictures are of jewelry I made. The first set is a Harley themed set (orange, black and gunmetal); the second is a breast cancer awareness bracelet I made my sister. There’s a better pic of that lower down.

The next two pictures are one of my youngest great-nephew wearing a winter hat I made him using front and back post double crochets to give it a ridged look; and the better pic of my sister’s bracelet.

The last pic is a set I made for my sister to give a co-worker for her birthday. I ❤ that set ALOT and would love to duplicate it for my self!

That's what I've done so far this week. I'm loving it.


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