A worthwhile cause

My friend Jaclyn is known on the Internet (specifically Etsy) as Jaclyn1423.

Jaclyn is also the wonderful sister to Joey, a 20-year-old with an Autism disorder known as PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified). I talk to Jaclyn about her brother a lot because I’m trying to wrap my head around whether a young member of my own family is Autistic, so I feel compelled to drive traffic to her Etsy shop and blog on this topic.

Jaclyn has, for years, wanted to write about her brother but has been unable to. As a writer, I know that’s an incredibly frustrating feeling.

Well, she’s finally put the story down in a touching post at her blog.

April, you see, is Autism Awareness Month, and Jaclyn is using her Etsy shop (where she sells fantastic jewelry) to raise money and awareness. During the month of April, 25 % of all sales;$2 from special orders will go to Autism Speaks. In addition, she has rolled out Joeys hot dog necklaces.

Photo courtesy of Jaclyn1423's Etsy shop


These necklaces are a genius, unique way to honor her brother and raise money. The necklaces contain a puzzle charm, a primary color bead charm and a hot dog charm (her brother’s favorite food). The necklaces are $11 and $5 from the sale of each one is for Autism research.


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