Peaceful, solitary weekend renews love of crafting

I spent a solitary weekend, just me and my Shih Tzus Cody and Scoop which, upon reflection, was something I’ve been needing for quite a while.

Scoop (in front) and Cody

I’d forgotten in the last eight months the importance of “me” time in our lives as I got involved in a relationship where the weekends have been jam packed with “us” time. I don’t regret it, mind, I’m just pointing out that I’ve lost sight of the fact that sometimes we need to be alone to reflect, rejuvenate, relax.

So, I got that me time this weekend (which was Friday and Saturday for me) and I’m a much better person for it. Not only because I did get time to reflect, rejuvenate and relax, but because I also got some much needed and long-neglected crafting done.

During my vacation with little Miss Maria, we organized my craft room. That girl had fantastic ideas for making the space more functional and roomier. Anyway, that inspired me to get that much needed crafting done.

After completely screwing up a sewn tote bag I was going to donate to Jaclyn for Joey’s Auction, I knew I had to recover. So I made two, yes TWO, crochet market totes to donate. Using Inga’s Haekelbeutel pattern, I made two totes I wouldn’t mind having, not that I need them.

And, inspired by completing those projects, I have found myself once again excited about projects that have taken a backseat for a while, projects that I was once very excited about. Stay tuned here and at my work blog, Crafty Living, to see what I’m up to.


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