Unplugged and unfrazzled

Friday was my buddy Maria‘s 11th birthday and it should come as no surprise that I wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

The family lives along U.S. 20 in LaGrange County. It’s really a gorgeous little getaway from reality, and has been for me for nearly the entire time I’ve lived here.

I’ve been incredibly frazzled lately. Unsure how to unwind, I just bounce from one obligation to the next, always worrying about what I’m missing somewhere else.

Well, no more. See, when I arrived at my friends’ home, my home really, I left everything but my camera in the car. That meant, I.WAS.NOT.REACHABLE immediately, as I always am. I even avoided, as much as possible, the computer that sat there taunting me.

What did I learn? That it’s OK not to be available to everyone all the time. In fact, it’s probably best not to be. Let’s face it, that’s how it used to be. If you weren’t at home to get a phone call, you didn’t get the phone call.

What this allowed me to do was truly enjoy my time with this little family I’ve come to love in the time I’ve known them. We aren’t related by blood, but we love one another, possibly more than the largest part of my blood family (my sister being the only one I speak to and my parents being dead).

Besides, who could NOT have a good time around these faces


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