Why Cody is my favorite

Anyone who knows me knows, I have two dogs. A rambunctious puppy I acquired from friends in April (Scoop) and a calm older dog I adopted from the local shelter nearly three years ago (Cody).

I love both dogs, I really do, but there’s just something about Cody. He has such soulful eyes, he has lived quite a life. I am uncertain what his life was, exactly, but I know his care was compromised and I know it involved some level of neglect, if not abuse. And, I think the photo of him the day I took him home speaks volumns more than I can. Here is my sweet little guy on Jan. 16, 2009:

He has, since coming home with me, lived the life of a king. Here he is as of August, 2011:

And, to prove that I do love Scoop too, here’s the little guy who came to me with precious little more than potty issues:


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