Could I be…NESTING?

“nesting [ˈnɛstɪŋ] n
(Psychology) the tendency to arrange one’s immediate surroundings, such as a work station, to create a place where one feels secure, comfortable, or in control”

For lunch today I went to the local Vietnamese restaurant with my partner in crafting Lara. We got to talking about food, specifically cooking Fall’s bounty. She’s been making pies out of anything fall squash related. I have turned to favorites from my childhood.

I told her, it seems weird, I feel like I’m nesting. I’m familiar with the term as it relates to a pregnant woman getting ready to bring a new life into this world. That’s definitely not why I’m nesting. Nevertheless, I think I am nesting. Turns out, I love fall. Never really realized it before, but this time of year invigorates me. It’s a time for heartier food, the food of my childhood, the food of love.

Last weekend, I spent time making Chicken Paprikas, potato pancakes, apple pie.

This weekend's Chicken Paprikas batch

Last weekend's sad looking apple pie (my first try with homemade crust)

This coming weekend, I plan to buy tons of canning tomatoes, cook them down and freeze them AND make cabbage rolls, maybe some pork chili. It’s silly really. All summer I looked forward to getting on the Harley with my guy and riding and now, I’m more than happy to pass on seeing him if it means I get to spend time in my kitchen.

One of last year's stockpots of stewed tomatoes

And, when I’m done in the kitchen, there’s plenty of knit and crochet work to be done.

Yep, I’m nesting. But not the way a soon-to-be momma nests. I’m ready to hunker down and this is probably my mind’s way of prepping me for what is to come.

And, this month is the anniversary of my mother’s 1995 death. Maybe that’s what it is, who knows. All I know is I feel ridiculously giddy to see this week end so I can spend the weekend in my kitchen.


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