I’ve always been a Mac

Steve Jobs death struck me as a bit of a shock, even though I knew he was sick. So, I take the time to reflect on how much a part of my life his Apple products have been.

I write this not to debate the merits of Mac vs. PC. I like so many others have my feelings on the matter.

I have had a Mac on my desk at home from the time I was in high school.

When I learned computer programming (just basic, mind) it was on a Mac. When my brother opened a graphic design business, it was with Macs. I inherited his computers when he upgraded.

When I worked at the Cleveland State Cauldron student newspaper, it was on Macs.

When I became a self-sufficient adult, I bought Macs. Yes, they are pricey, but by this time I was working in the world of PCs and knew what I wanted at home.

I am, most definitely, a Mac. Have I been frustrated? Yes, at times. But I have always been able to resolve my problems with my home computer with little effort.

My friend Dan Stockman posted these bullet points Wednesday night on Facebook:

“Consider, for a moment, the impact that Apple under Steve Jobs has had on our society:
– Just 10 years ago, the iPod was introduced. Now, 300 million iPods later, CDs are almost obsolete.

– iTunes – a virtual store that does not exist in the real world – is
the No. 1 music store on the planet. It has 20 million songs for sale
and has downloaded 16 billion (yes) songs since it opened.
– Macs – the
cute, expensive toys that would never really compete against PCs, not
really – are now 23 percent of the market, and growing. That’s one out
of every four computers.
– The iPad, the tablet that no one would
need, that was too expensive, that was nothing but a big iPhone without
the phone, that has a dump name, has sold about 30 million units. 30
million. Three out of every four tablets sold – a category Apple created
– is an iPad.
– Apple has sold more than 200 million iPhones.

about this: With the iPhone, the iPad, the Internet and wireless
service, you now have the ability to find almost any piece of
information humans have ever recorded, and have access to it almost
anywhere on the planet. That is truly revolutionary and will change our
history forever.

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011.”

R.I.P. Steve Jobs. You have changed the face of technology, whether through your products or how your competitors answered your ideas.


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