Fall is, most definitely, here

I woke up Thursday morning and my apartment was 54-degrees. EEK, it was cold! I’ve been wearing sweatshirts and my SmartWool socks hoping to keep from having the heat on.

It’s been cold, cloudy, gloomy…fall!

The mums I bought on my September vacation have all but run their course. They were gorgeous and when they are definitely done, I’m going to follow my great neighbor’s instructions, cut them back and let them hibernate, hoping to preserve them for next fall. When it’s time for fall decorations to come down, I’ll take the gourds and set them aside, hoping they dry out to hollow decorations.

And, I am hunkering down working on knitterly and crocheted goodness. Soon, I will have four (Yes, FOUR) sweaters on needles. I have three crocheted afghans going. Oodles of projects I want to start and complete. Plenty of fiber to snuggle up with in the cold days. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to do anything but knit or crochet. I have no desire to bead, or scrapbook, or do anything else (except cook).

And, the cooking. I’m in love with chili right now. Can’t get enough of it. I brought some home from my sister’s last month and promptly turned around and made my own, with shredded pork instead of beef. And, I have a chili cookoff in my near-future. And soup, oh soup. Today, after lunch with a work-related source, and running errands (including a new meat market) I came home and made soup (chicken pot pie tortellini soup)!

Last week, I roasted a chicken (and it rocked, if I do say so myself). Because I didn’t make a gravy, I had the stock that came out of that as a quick base for this week’s soup. I skimmed off all the fat, which had hardened in the fridge, and dumped it in a pot with water and some chicken base. Then, I added the frozen stew veggies I bought today. After the liquid came to a boil, I added the pasta and the meat (which was already cooked) and let that cook for a bit. Finally, the frozen peas. That simmered a little bit before I added a can of fat-free evaporated milk. Within an hour, I had soup. So grateful to have had most of the ingredients for soup prepared. It made me enough soup to get through next week, plus some to freeze. And boy have I been into freezing lately. My freezer is packed with corn (that I bought on the cob, blanched and cut off the cob); tomatoes that I bought and cooked down; cabbage rolls I didn’t eat when I made them; and beef vegetable soup I made a few weeks back.

It’s time to hunker down. Get cozy and look toward the long winter ahead AND Christmas (that’s why so many sweaters).

How are you celebrating the changed season?


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