Two weeks of auctions to raise funds for Autism school

My friend Jaclyn over at Jaclyn1423 on Etsy and author of the Snap, Crackle, Pop blog is once again hosting an auction of handmade goods to benefit her brother’s school.

You see, Joey is Autistic and the school was a blessing for her family as they struggle with this disorder. Jaclyn loves her brother, you can see it in how she talks about him and read it in her writings about him.

The auction is in August because so is Joey’s birthday. You can get details about this year’s auction at the above link. So far, two auction items have gone up. One is a pearl necklace made by Jaclyn and the other is a knit cowl made by my craft blog partner at Crafty Living, Lara.

Check back at Jaclyn’s blog every day from now through Aug. 14 for new items, including a couple bags made by yours truly.