Holy crap! Did I do that?

I just took up knitting. By that, I mean, THIS YEAR. I’ve dabbled before, trying and becoming frustrated I couldn’t get the yarn, needles and my hands to work in harmony. It Just.Never.Worked.Out.

Well, perhaps it’s having a knitter at my disposal at work, someone to watch knit, listen to talk about knitting, it has finally clicked. I get it, I got it and I’m not all that intimidated by it anymore.

So, I set out to make something with this new-found skill and settled on a shrug from the Lion Brand website. I’d post a link, but unless you’re a member, you can’t see it.

Anyway, I don’t know why a shrug and I don’t know why I didn’t read the other knitters’ reviews of the pattern (seems anyone who has made it has found that it comes out looking nothing like it does on the model in the picture and the sizing is a bit off). I guess I just figured I needed to jump in and the yarn was on sale so…

I finished the shrug about two weeks ago, put it on and nearly did a spit-take when I saw myself in it in the mirror. You see, a shrug requires a body type I do not possess. In fact, I had a friend put it on to model for a photo shoot for my Crafty Living blog and she wasn’t happy with how it fit her.

Thankfully, I do have friends whose physiques are more shrug friendly. This week, it went home with Rebecca. I hope she likes it.

For purposes of this post, here’s another co-worker modeling it for my phone camera at my desk so I’d have a picture to post.

Check out the Wordless Wednesday post at my work blog for a close-up of the sleeve.


I love the puppy, I love the puppy, I love the puppy

I got a puppy, from friends, back in April and it’s been a fantastic ride since. First it was the house training, my number one priority. Now, we are working on making sure Scoop knows to stay out of stuff that doesn’t belong to him.

Scoop (in front) and Cody

At night, I let him sleep outside of his crate, but I block my bedroom door with the crate so he can’t get out and get into trouble (I sleep like a rock).

Monday night, I worked second shift and came home absolutely exhausted. I must not have paid close attention to how I placed the crate in the doorway because after only about 4.5 hours of sleep, I woke up to an absolute mess in my living room Tuesday morning. It nearly made me sick to see a $20 skein of sock yarn, and the sock toe I had worked so hard to get JUST right, laying in a knotted mess, knitting needles scattered. I had planned to go back to bed after an initial trip outside with both dogs.

Instead, I took the dogs out and spent the next five hours rewinding that skein of yarn into a ball so I could, yet again, make a sock toe. Eventually I’m hoping it becomes an actual sock.

Here is the sock toe before Scoop’s adventures

Here it is Tuesday night after I finally got the yarn rewound and the sock toe remade

In fairness to Scoop, whom I wanted to kill Tuesday morning, this sock toe is the best out of the seven or eight that I’ve made (using this same yarn).

And trust me, last night before bed, that ball of yarn and sock toe went on a nice, high counter, out of puppy’s reach.