Has it really been 30 years? Well, you look nothing like you did when we first met

Someone I follow on Twitter took a break from tweeting about the debt ceiling to tweet a link to this YouTube channel dedicated to the Aug. 1, 1981 launch of MTV (Music Television).
I watched it with a smile on my face, remembering the original MTV commercial and jingle, remembering the VeeJays, remembering when MTV was about music and music videos told a story.
I haven’t watched MTV in a good, long while, mostly because the last time I did it seemed to be more about reality TV shows than music. Sure, there have been spinoffs to cater to those of us old enough to remember when MTV was about music, but it’s just.not.the.same!
So I got to wondering…what happened to those original VJs, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, Martha Quinn, J.J. Jackson, Nina Blackwood.
Enter, the Google machine.
I typed one of their names in, and up popped a website dedicated to those original VJs. They all have Facebook and/or Twitter pages, except J.J. Jackson, who has died.
Of course, waxing nostalgic also got me thinking about cable television when it first started…my how far we’ve come. Now you record a show in one room and watch it in another. When we first had cable installed in my home (my brother, and subsequently sister, worked for our local cable company), the boxes looked like this and it was attached to the TV with a cable. If you wanted to move it around the room with you, you had to getting a longer cable to set it, say, on the coffee table.
Gosh I’m old ;o)