There is one thing I know well about myself: I am IMPATIENT. I am definitely an instant gratification sort of girl. I think that’s why I get projects done quickly, especially ones that I’m particularly excited about.

That being said, I’ve discovered a new love for a hobby/art that tests my patience: dichroic glass making.

I spent one hour Sunday afternoon with my friend Jaclyn and shards of glass at Glass Link, a local glass studio/shop. I made several pieces during the hour we spent at the studio and, when we left, Jaclyn expressed a desire to see what her pieces would look like “RIGHT NOW!”

I, on the other hand, was feeling pretty patient on Sunday. I knew the pieces have to be kilned and I knew we’d have to wait Until.Wednesday! That’s OK, that’s how it works.

Uh, fastforward to Monday and my patience = GONE. I wanna see my pieces. I wanna play with them and turn them into something. But, alas, we have to wait until they’re kilned.