Crafting for CrabFest

I have a good friend, well, I’ve written about her, it’s Rebecca from ..all things visible and invisible. Anyway, her family gets together every year on Labor Day weekend with a huge pile of crabs straight from the East Coast and they throw themselves a CrabFest.

Earlier this summer, Rebecca’s sister emailed me a crochet pattern (a badly written crochet pattern) asking whether I thought I could make the crab it was designed to make.

Once I translated the pattern, I was off (with red, blue and white yarn) to make cooked and uncooked crabs. And I was so stinking happy with the first one, I rushed out on my deck with beach-themed props to take his picture. I present you Kirby (yep, was so excited I even named him).

Well, when we returned to work from the holiday, I found this tile pendant on my computer keyboard (Thanks Martha)